Marlas' Journal

February 1st ,2017


     Answering the rally call for the mercenaries I entered the local tavern. Setting myself up, I noticed several other interesting characters; A stubby gnome gawking and fondling the most repulsive nightwalker I've every laid eyes on, a rogue eyeing up a drunken noble's fat purse over a game of dice, a young druid quietly nursing her amd a pair of blackskins propositioning the locals with some scam or another. Uck, the filth of the rabble.


   I happened to overhear two lizard men talking unfortunately it's been decades since studying their language and was almost impossible to make out their guttural noises.


  Before long a man self-proclaimed as "Fenix" arrived with an order to follow him to The Antelope for recruitment. Five moved to follow and I made to slink behind discretely. Gathering to the door we heard the gnome grunt to a finish, a disheveled woman walked out of the room looking unsatisfied, while the gnome followed behind, strangely with a bulge (almost the size of a pushpin popping out) in his trousers [Side note: Study gnome genital deficiency]

   Walking along the wharf it wasn't long before the group was stopped and surrounded. The wiry gnome attacked, cutting the leader off mid sentence. In a spectacular display of agility and acrobatics he missed his kick and fell on his face. The rogue was quick to follow up, his keen skill with a bow obvious as he impaled the gang member across from him in the throat. The one blackskin engaged the nearby gang bangers as the druid began an incantation.

I began readying an oil slick spell on the gang member's behind the group, believing them unaware of their presence, when a thick fog rolled in. No doubt caused by the druidess. Changing tactics I ran to ignite the two scoundrels hiding by some crates. Sadly, the last 80 years spent studying and researching has dampened my control over the elemental magic and the spell fizzled out, doing nothing more than warming them against the cold chill in the air. Aware of my presence the gang member's quickly rushed towards me and before I could react knocked me unconscious with a club.


  I was unconscious for the remainder of the fight, however I learned the rogue single handedly took out most of the crew and assisted with Khyrrod himself. A couple of the merc's had come to my rescue, the druid even conjuring some berries to heal me.


   After the fight ended, I sensed a magical object in the warehouse beside us; sadly no visible entrance and the bay doors were locked. Hoping to come back later we traversed the rest of the way to The Antelope where the Captain requested our assistance in rescuing his cook. We leave in the morning.




Marlas' Journal

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