Barrett's Privateers

Ship's Log 01022017
Port: Chelys Hollow

Felix has returned with a new set of recruits.  I cannot remember ever seeing a greener batch of indwellers.  Was I ever so smooth faced and starry-eyed?  Well, a few hard weeks at sea will soon have the shine off these young'uns.  Although from what Felix tells me, they seem to be able to handle themselves well when it comes to a fight on land.    

As he tells it, Felix and the new lads were set upon by a bunch of press gangers from Khyrodd's crew.  They had our boys surrounded front and back, but with some quick thinking, and one pernicious little gnome, they were able to give those rotters what for.  The half-elf known as Jayne acquitted himself exceptionally well, quick with the bow.  I may assign him the fo'c'sle watch with a shot like that.

I am curious to see how their skills will parlay to life at sea.  It has been some time since the Antelope has had a windjammer on board.  I wonder if the young lass Eta Siss has any of the gift for weather.  I am hesitant to ask the elf who calls himself Marlas; something about him is very unsettling.

I have sent this troupe to go retrieve our cook from bondage once again.  His insatiable appetite has run him afoul of Lord Woade.  Perhaps the good Mr Friendly can put that silver tongue of his to use and secure our cook's release.  One never know's with Woade, he can be a prickly individual if not handled carefully.  It will be a fine test for those wanting to be a part of this crew.

I am anxious to get under sail again, back on the open water.  Too much time in Chelys Hollow and the men lose focus.  And they will need their wits about them for the trials we are about to face.



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